At Unify Financial we pride ourselves on educating our clients and being upfront from the get go.

We are not a rainbows and lollipop brokerage which means we explain the good and the bad based on your personal financial picture without sugar coating things, and not only make sure you leave with an understanding, but work with you till you hit a point where you can achieve your goals.

We believe in doing business with our clients the same way we want people to do business with us.

Unify Financials main goal when dealing with clients, is that we educate you enough so that you can make decisions based on your own knowledge. We recognise that this is not an every day transaction for most people, so our goal is to explain things in a way that make sense for you, your family, and any current and future goals you may have.

We realise when you hear the words “no problem” or “good to go” that you as a client are going to take that at face value based on the fact that you assume you are dealing with professionals.  If you are told this on your refinance, pre-approval, or at the beginning of your purchase its pretty much a given that you assume that things are in fact “good to go”. You go home, put your feet up, and picture where you are putting your furniture in your new place, or what your doing with the reno money you will acquire…

If the broker or banker hasn’t gone into any detail about your application or asked for any documents from you, then there is a good chance you may need to be a bit sceptical as to how things may actually play out during the process of your transaction.

We ask questions that a lot of other brokers and bankers might not necessarily ask.  We also ask for documents right after reviewing your application with you. This helps avoid any possible hurdles going forward.  This means there is rarely last minute requests and pretty much never last minute surprises because we will have covered all that in the application process.  This is not to say that things can’t come up that we didn’t foresee, but we try to be as certain as possible that most things are covered and that we have open communication with you from the get go.

At Unify Financial if we say “no problem” or “good to go” its because we mean it!!

If there are things that we feel may arise or advice that we can give to make a better picture both now and in the future, we are going to offer that advice and clarity to you.

Lenders in general seem to want to keep clients in the dark about their own finances.  We are going to, not just shed light, but help you navigate, and give you understanding, of how things work and how you can grow and make positive decisions towards you and your families financial future.

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