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Below are some articles related to the mortgage broker and real estate industries. If you are looking for information related to those industries and it is something not outlined below, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

2019 New Year

2019 New Year! Welcome to 2019! Looks like we are in for an interesting year.  We Start the year with a declining house market, an election on the horizon, and mortgage rules that are tougher than we have ever seen. So what does this mean for 2019?  As far as the declining house market goes, in my opinion,Continue reading

What Does Unify Do Different

At Unify Financial we pride ourselves on educating our clients and being upfront from the get go. We are not a rainbows and lollipop brokerage which means we explain the good and the bad based on your personal financial picture without sugar coating things, and not only make sure you leave with an understanding, butContinue reading

How Do You Get the Best Rate

In this government policy driven environment rates are not as easy to determine as they were, say, 2 years ago.  There are so many factors now that come into play that it is important that who you are talking to, not only understands these factors, but can explain them in a way that makes senseContinue reading

More Options Than Any One Bank

In today’s highly government regulated mortgage environment it is not just important to know and understand all your options but imperative. As a licenced broker who has been doing mortgages for 15 years we recognise this.  When you come to us to enquire about our options its like going to a source with 20 plusContinue reading

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