How Do I Get The BEST Rate?

As you might already know, one bank only has one option and only offers the one set of rates. When you are dealing with Unify Financial, not only are you dealing with a true specialist who has been fully licensed and trained you are dealing with someone who has an abundant amount of lenders with an abundant amount of rates and options.

Speaking of rates, it’s not always the lowest rate that is the best option and it’s important to know this!

If you go strictly on rates and ignore the terms you are signing up for you may be entering into a mortgage contract that sounds great up front but ends up costing you exorbitant amounts of money to get out of if something should happen in your life and you decide to sell or need to refinance.

Sometimes lenders may push a particular rate and product they are told to push by their employer but fail to explain the small print that is attached to that rate and product.  At Unify Financial it is our job and business to first  work for YOU!

We need to find the best rates and options that work for your scenario and for your future plans and after we do it’s our jobs to explain to you what is entailed in the rates and the options we provide.

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