A Hands On Old School Approach to Modern Lending

Financial Profile - Unify FinancialUnify Financial is a brokerage that puts people first. When we do your mortgage, we don’t just do your mortgage and send you on your way, we educate you as to how it works. Everything from understanding your credit to understanding how debt ratios work. We feel the more you know about your finances, the more empowered you will be to make educated decisions. Make sure you are on the right track, and get the products and interest rates that are best for you. Best of all, Unify Financial is a free service.

"Due to my past experiences working for a major bank and credit union I have internal knowledge of how they work and can make even the hardest deals make sense.", Don Freeman

How Everything Started…….

Unify Financial - Mortgage BrokersDon Freeman and Alysia Freeman are the founders of Unify Financial Ltd. Don draw’s on his past knowledge and experiences from various areas; from selling R.V.’s and manufactured homes to owning an art store and adventure company. Through the years, the toughest challenge was dealing with banks. The banking system and the process of making their decisions was always shrouded in mystery – they either love you or hate you.

When the bank decides to decline you, they will rarely give advice on how to get into their good graces. And even when they approve you, you have to be certain to make sure you are getting the best deal for you – not the bank.

Don Freeman worked for CIBC and Envision before deciding to open his own brokerage, Unify Financial. Now, after 12 years of mortgage experience, Don brings the internal knowledge of the banks and credit unions to you, ensuring you get the best products and interest rates to suite your needs and goals.

Alysia Brings the creative side to the business. With marketing and advertising experience going back to her early days Alysia always has an eye for what fits and plays a key role in the business from the interior décor of the office or putting together a brochure that can catch peoples eye, to her input in running the day to day business and making sure things stay current, vibrant and up to date.

Between the 2 of them Alysia and Don make sure your well informed and that you’re your needs are well taken care of all the way around.

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