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Unify Educates and CommunicatesAt Unify Financial we don’t only work with you through out your mortgage experience but we take on this experience as if it were our own personal mortgage or that of a family member. We give advice based on what we would do or recommend to our own family. We educate you so you are in the know as to what the process is, so you can make educated decisions and we make sure the lines of communication are open through out the process and beyond, as we understand how stressful the process can sometimes be.

Communication and education are 2 things that set us apart from most. Once your mortgage is complete we want you to walk away feeling, and knowing, that you had control of your transaction. Quite often we hear from people, after dealing with a bank or another broker, that they didn’t understand their last mortgage or why it was positioned the way it was, or why they were put in a product that didn’t end up having the result or set up that best suited them. Our goal is that when you complete your mortgage with Unify Financial, that you know enough about the process and understand your options to the point that you feel not only confident but empowered going forward.

Mortgages and finances in general are a big mystery. A mystery that Unify Financial prides itself on unveiling. We ask questions through out the process that helps us identify what your goals are, not just now but in the future. When we place you with a lender we want to make sure that you have as many options as possible going forward. Rates are important, but equally important are options. We have had many clients come to us after dealing with a lender or another broker saying they are upset as they didn’t realise the mortgage they signed up for doesn’t allow them the flexibility they require to help them with their current goals or situation. In the end, and even after getting what could have been a great rate at the time, they end up spending thousands on a penalty or having to break a mortgage with a low rate, when they may have had the option to pay no penalty at all and add to their existing mortgage, had they been placed in a different product. Sometimes your options or choices are limited based on circumstance, but it is important to know why that is, the reasoning behind it, and if there are options to fix or improve your circumstance going forward.

When you have completed a mortgage through Unify Financial we want you to walk away feeling like you didn’t just have your mortgage done by us, but were a part of the process and empowered to make educated decisions based on your goals. We want you to feel like you have a reliable information resource and guide that you can tap into at any time even after your mortgage is complete. We look at our clients as a part of our Unify family and we want to be a part of your family’s growth now and into the future.

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