How Does Unify Financial’s Pre-Approvals Differ From Others?

When we at Unify Financial do a pre-approval for you, it’s a FULL pre-approval.

We go to great lengths to make sure when we send you shopping we are confident you will get what you set your sights on.  This means we go through a lot more ground work and extra measures up front than most.

Why do we do this?

We don’t want you out there wasting your valuable time and energy, we want you out there with realistic expectations and an educated well thought out plan.

Pre-approvals are NEVER a done deal as we still have to go through the process of getting you AND the property approved fully through the bank which happens once you write and offer on what could be your future home or property.

That being said we at Unify believe in full disclosure and communication!  If we think something may come up, you will know about it and understand what your up against! If we think you will be good to go, we will instill you with the confidence to go shopping knowing and understanding exactly what you are capable of doing.

We Don’t believe in saying “no problem” unless we are confident that there will be “no problem” and we do the research ahead of time to make sure of it!

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